According to the new regulation of scientific publications dated 2018/02/02,Women’s Studies Quarterly welcomes all scientific-research articles in the field of studies and researches that are relevant to the magazine's themes.

Women’s Studies Quarterly evaluates scientific-research articles with a social approach in the areas of humanities as: sociology of gender, psychology of women and family, religious jurisprudence and rights of women and family, contemporary history, literature, art, and so on.

Women’s Studies Quarterly uses the same software as "Samim Noor" finder.

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  • Address: Ayenehvand St. (West 64), Kurdistan Exp., Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran.
  • Postal Code: 1437774681
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  • Tel: +98-21-88609257
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About theWomen’s Studies Quarterly 

Place of publication: Iran, Tehran

Publisher: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (IHCS) Year of publication: 1389

Specialized field: Women's studies

Credit of the journal: Scientific

Journal language: Persian or English (English Abstract)

Publication date: Quarterly

Publication type: printed and electronic

The cost of reviewing and publishing the article: Yes

Process of Review: Double-Blind Review

Period of initial review of articles: 10 days

Review Time:4 to 6 months

Acceptance percentage of articles: 34%

Access to Articles: Free (Open Access) & Full Text

Indexed: Yes

Status in ISC:Q2

In order to compensate part of the expenses, from the judging stage to the publication of the article, a total
amount of six million rials has been considered by the Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies,
which will be received in two stages. 3 million Rials will be received in the judging stage and 3 million Rials
in the final acceptance stage of the article.
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Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 47, May 2024