The Attitudes of Iranian Youth towards Marriage, Marriage Partner Selection and Forming a Family

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In the young Iranian society, any issues related to the youth can be considered as a social problem, since young generation form one third of the Iranian society, i.e.there are more than 24 million people ranging from 20 to 35 years of age. Young generation can be quite influential in the family, as the main Iranian social institution. Sociologists see marriage as a social contract which both guarantees the survival of human being and brings about tranquility and security in a society. Moreover, family institution is the most important social institution. Today, with the increase in the age of marriage and reduction in the rate of marriage, the youths’ selecting a marriage partner and forming a family have become considerably important issues. The youth avoid getting married due to several reasons so the issue of marriage postponement goes beyond a personal issue andprojectsitself as a social one. The findings of the present study confirm the positive attitude of the majority of the youth towards the necessity of marriage.  Despite the current increase in the marriage age, the youth expressed that the optimal marriage age is 23.2 for females and 27.6 for males.